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Our First World Woes

Get the Violins Ready!!

6/13/16 06:19 pm - Matthew Andrews - I'm making a post...

...to prove I am a real person. flesh and blood. flawed. miserable. human. 

2/26/12 04:01 am - geckopaws - Intro... Then yes I get to complain...

Hello people of the complaint world.  How are you?  I am miserable, because I have no one to complain to or at least no one that will hear my cries.  I know I expect nothing to change, but you know hey, maybe something from one of your insightful comments might get me to change my life around.  So I guess here is where I am coming from,  Unemployed, big surprise.  Well educated... wow another big one.  Ok let me see here.... oh I'm disabled.  yeah maybe didn't see that one foretold in my future, and it sucks.  But right now, I am with this Agency that helps find jobs for people with disabilities.  And trust me I'm not one of those drug addicts or lazy fucks that got on disability for that reason.  I know plenty of them out there that did, and plenty of ex friends that tried to fiend off of me because I have a disabling condition.  

Well for the past three years, I've been working for someone who, lets say this, is the boss from hell!  I suppose it all started when she was my landlord and she doesn't know how to get her nose out of peoples business and she saw me doing a lot of stuff on the computer.  She said, oh I can help you make a little money you know if you help me out.  It ended up turning into three novels that were on there way to being published, but nope they can never be right.  And the fact that she needs me every day and is demanding as all hell, when I am sick, she doesn't care.  And then she goes on to say my work is shit, when clearly I've shown other people and my work is not shit, in fact I have six reference letters that are present to tell me my work is not shit.  Excuse my language, but being in transition and out of work, and having to pay rent a little desperate, not that desperate, and keeping my distance.  And then I also had a boyfriend who assaulted me when he moved in. So I've had it a little rough in the past year, and the she happens to be my land lord, and says it's my fault and she is pro domestic violence I swear. I  want to get out of there ASAP!!  But I really don't know what to do except applying for other rent.  And it's not that she is a bad land lord either,  but there is the fact that the hot water is semi not working, and there are a few fix me ups that I mine as well do.  

And I pay my rent every month, but she I swear is delusional so I've had this habit of getting her to write me rental receipts and also I have written her checks so that it shows up in my bank account.  I know there are some people who have tenants from hell.  But I am not one of them.  I keep my house clean, and I live on a basically fixed income, unless I work part time, and the social security office told me with my medical condition and bills, I can't sustain work.  So basically I'm screwed with this woman.  And I'm expecting either one day grow so tired that I die or some way for fate to screw her over.  Or I am actively seeking these employers and trying to get some work so that I can get out of the situation I am in.  

I apologize for the long post, and complaints are welcome too.  Thank you for this community. 

6/2/09 03:49 pm - lilyinchains - Help

Our new neighbors keep asking to help us. It's annoying. It's neighborly in one sense, but I also know they expect to be paid. I think they think we're rich or something. We can mow our own lawn, fix our own fence, paint our own mailbox, weed our own garden...I let one guy mow the lawn once. We were busy moving in. I didn't want to do it and I knew it would be weeks before we got our lawn mower. Since then, hey can I? Don't cha need...? Yikes, NO!!!!!! No thank you, we don't. 

5/31/09 02:49 pm - kuroihime - quickie

Why is it that every bdsm community has to be DARK? Black backgrounds, red type. Blue backgrounds, black type. WE GET IT, YOURE DARK.

It's HARD TO READ. and annoying. Go get hot topic wallpaper or something.


(a submissive whose journal is BRIGHT FLASHY COLORS. Does that make me not a real submissive XD?)

(ps, this is nothing against the orpheum communities. Its especially at the communities that keep the commenting screen that same color, and make it impossible for me to care about the topic anymore.)

4/2/09 04:06 pm - goatbasher - Because the people need to know

Leggings do NOT equal pants.
Get a longer dress or just wear pants.

That is all.

1/28/09 03:33 pm - lilyinchains - I wish this was a funny one....

Click on the link after you read below it is a news clip but has a commercial before the actual story line but boy does it piss me off!! This is just plain crazy pass it on to anyone who will listen shut these folks down 

On Oct 17, 2008 a young man went to "Journey's" (shoe store)

in Kansas City , MO. He bought a pair of shoes and then saw an identical
pair at a different store for less.  As such, he bought the identical
shoes from the cheaper store and took back the original more pricey pair
to Journey's. Later on that night, as he was reviewing the receipt, he
noticed that the reason for the return was "Dumb N*gger". When he took
the receipt back to the store, they didn't even apologize but did admit
that the "reason" was in the system. Click the video below.


12/24/08 11:41 am - kissed_by_fate - Ohmygod.

People who MANGLE paperclips after one use!!!!!!

HOW do they do that?  It's not brain surgery, fer chrissakes!  It was holding FIVE pieces of paper together!

I know I shouldn't bust a gasket over junk like that, but how does that happen?  Any NORMAL person might just chuck it in the trash... *sigh*

11/12/08 10:56 am - blackpearl61205 - i hate stupid people

Dear younger people -

please stop using the word "legit" to express how you like something...really its not even a word...and you are misusing its real form...the word legitimate does not mean "cool"...so pleas stop using it as such...it hurts my brain...there are plenty of other bad slang words out there that you can abuse...stop abusing useful words

Dear Mervyn's shoppers -

please stop handing me clothes inside out when you leave the fitting room...i can understand that you are too lazy to hang them back up...but please dont just rip them off your body and throw them on my table...i have to do enough work as it is without having to turn your clothes right side out again...this is especially for those of you who leave them inside out and then hang them...in the wrong direction...would you pick out a shirt that was inside out? no...so why hang one inside out to make more work for me? its just not logical...unless you are a sadist...so please...please please please...turn your clothes right side out so that i dont have to do twice the work for your lazy ass...yes i get paid for it...but there are actually people out there who hang things properly...buttoned up and everything...and then take them back out for me...i dont ask that you do that...i just ask that you get your head out of your ass

the fitting room attendant

10/13/08 10:28 am - blackpearl61205 - all before 8am

11 o'clock last night i get home...and am informed that i have to clear all of the little things in my room off of the floor and dresser...things that were moved there only friday...had i been told sooner i could have come home earlier and dealt with it...but no...lets wait till bedtime to say something (yeah i go to bed early...my body shuts down without enough sleep...and i think ive passed out enough times at school for one lifetime)

its bloody windy...the wind keeps me up all night because the windows are open...because my mother is crazy...so my door rattles (i have to keep it shut or the monster cat comes in and sleeps on my head...very not comfortable...and gives me bad dreams)

i wake up at 6am to fix the problem...and cant get back to sleep...so im running on less than 8 hours of sleep...(again...my body does NOT do well with this)

go down stairs to make myself lunch...the sammich fixins are bad...and my mother threw away my water bottle...after telling me to reuse it so that we didnt have to spend money on water bottles...sometimes i think she just doesnt think

so i go to the bagel shop to get a new water bottle and a bagel...and on my way to the freeway i miss my turn...and end up in the high school traffic from hell...

i finally get to a street that will take me to the freeway...and im trapped behind a train...that is moving extra slowly because of the wind

15 minutes later im finally on the freeway...which is slow and trafficy because of the wind and people being stupid...

i get to school and as im getting out of my car i get electrocuted...joy...i HATE electricity...with a passion...its an actual phobia...only rivaled by my fear of spiders

as i'm walking to the library i get a text and so don't see the sign telling me that i have to walk around to the other side because the winds are too strong to allow both doors to be opened...*sigh*

go to my first class and we had to read a really boring story involving people drinking gin...really...great morning...

can today be over yet?

10/10/08 09:14 am - lilyinchains

Disconnecting to friends...I hate this, especially on LJ. I know it happens. I've done it and I've done it simply because there was no interaction. That's a two way street though. Anyway, I think I'm still not entirely grown up because when people unfriend me it bothers me, not all of the time, but on occassion it really does.

But once things are severed that's that. I'll get over it and there are far more pressing things in life than LJ connections. Though, there are plenty of them that have enhanced my life.
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