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all before 8am

11 o'clock last night i get home...and am informed that i have to clear all of the little things in my room off of the floor and dresser...things that were moved there only friday...had i been told sooner i could have come home earlier and dealt with it...but no...lets wait till bedtime to say something (yeah i go to bed body shuts down without enough sleep...and i think ive passed out enough times at school for one lifetime)

its bloody windy...the wind keeps me up all night because the windows are open...because my mother is my door rattles (i have to keep it shut or the monster cat comes in and sleeps on my head...very not comfortable...and gives me bad dreams)

i wake up at 6am to fix the problem...and cant get back to im running on less than 8 hours of sleep...( body does NOT do well with this)

go down stairs to make myself lunch...the sammich fixins are bad...and my mother threw away my water bottle...after telling me to reuse it so that we didnt have to spend money on water bottles...sometimes i think she just doesnt think

so i go to the bagel shop to get a new water bottle and a bagel...and on my way to the freeway i miss my turn...and end up in the high school traffic from hell...

i finally get to a street that will take me to the freeway...and im trapped behind a train...that is moving extra slowly because of the wind

15 minutes later im finally on the freeway...which is slow and trafficy because of the wind and people being stupid...

i get to school and as im getting out of my car i get HATE electricity...with a passion...its an actual phobia...only rivaled by my fear of spiders

as i'm walking to the library i get a text and so don't see the sign telling me that i have to walk around to the other side because the winds are too strong to allow both doors to be opened...*sigh*

go to my first class and we had to read a really boring story involving people drinking gin...really...great morning...

can today be over yet?
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