kuroihime (kuroihime) wrote in fstwrldcomplnts,


Why is it that every bdsm community has to be DARK? Black backgrounds, red type. Blue backgrounds, black type. WE GET IT, YOURE DARK.

It's HARD TO READ. and annoying. Go get hot topic wallpaper or something.


(a submissive whose journal is BRIGHT FLASHY COLORS. Does that make me not a real submissive XD?)

(ps, this is nothing against the orpheum communities. Its especially at the communities that keep the commenting screen that same color, and make it impossible for me to care about the topic anymore.)
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Thanks for the exception, bunny! Lily makes the backgrounds there dark because the glare of white backgrounds gives her headaches. She simply finds it easier to read light type on a dark background.

No offense taken!