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Our First World Woes

Get the Violins Ready!!

10/5/08 08:13 am - controllingem - uhh... sidewalks, anyone?

Dear People Who Walk Your Dog in the Middle of the Street During Morning Rush Hour:

There's something called a sidewalk. Use it. Also, don't be surprised when a car almost hits you while you are walking IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET ON A BLIND TURN.

Yes, you live in the 'burbs. No, you are not special because you homeschool.



Someone Else Who Lives in the 'Burbs, But Who Knows What A Sidewalk Is, And Who Also Knows Other People In This Crazy State Would Die For The Sidewalks YOU DON'T USE

8/27/08 05:07 pm - goatbasher - Americans

I keep seeing things about why America sucks...most of which comes from Americans themselves....who are obviously content being here are they'd leave or be doing something to force change.

I realize in the past few years we've seen some cases of over patriotism....but honestly I'm starting to think the problem is the opposite.

We've got hordes of people ranting at every turn about how America sucks, the president sucks, the system sucks. And while there are those few that may make an intelligent argument this mostly comes from spoiled overweight individuals who can't put out their joints long enough to clean their own house let alone dictate how the country should be run.

Honestly are you personally doing anything to help? As hippie dippy as it sounds you really could try to help...you might not be doing something huge but it'd something.

And since I meant this simply as rant to get this out of my system since I'd be a fool to think talking to these individuals would do any good...here's a picture that sums up my feelings in the matter.

8/22/08 08:36 am - kissed_by_fate - *koff*ow*koff*ow*koff*

How I love coming in to work with a migraine, only to have to sit next to someone who drenches herself in eau du dogchit on a stick.  *gags and holds her head*

I know that's probably a universal problem, but I can't wait until I'm out of here.  In fact, I asked my manager to give me a definitive date instead of "the first part of September".  Sheesh.  That's a HNL of complaint, and I'll save that for when I actually am out of here.

7/5/08 11:34 am - orpheus77 - An open post to people who'll never read it...

Happy Independence Day, to the Americans who just enjoyed it!  Lily and I went to a large public fireworks show in Sacramento, lighting our own in the parking lot and watching the big ones in the sky with everybody else.

And it reminded me of a few of the finer points of etiquette at a public "parking lot" event.  Just a few of them:

1)  Do NOT pull up into a crowd of people in your fuckin' Cadillac Escalade with rap music blasting out loud enough to rattle everybody's windows.  Really.  Not everyone likes your music.  Some people hate it.

(1A:  It really isn't impressive when your version of automotive music is mainly heard as a rattling thump that sounds like it's shaking your car apart.  That's big subwoofers, but that doesn't mean it's a good sound system.) 

2)  If your shrieks of joy at the sight sound happy, like "Whooooohoooo!", that's fine.  I enjoy hearing that.  But if your shrieks sound like "Aaaauuuugh!", is if your hair is on fire, PLEASE don't keep doing that through the whole show.  Especially not parked near me.

(2a:  Do NOT yell, "That's what I'm talking about!" over and over, when you haven't been talking.  Instead, you've been shrieking, "Aaaauuuuugh!", is if your hair was on fire.  Saying that makes you sound stupid, and annoys the rest of us.)

3)  If your children are embarrassingly loud and ill-mannered, you should be embarrassed.  Don't bring them to a public event if they can't behave.  Stay home and beat them with barbed wire instead.

7/2/08 12:15 am - sarahhh_yeahx

 How hard is it to hold a door open for someone?
 Are you physically disabled to stretch your arm out for a few extra seconds to help someone?
 Its not that hard! I mean, God. Is chivalry really dead?

7/1/08 12:23 pm - orpheus77 - OK, I'm picky, but...

...that's what this group is for, right?

PLEASE!  EVERYBODY!  At least, everybody in the USA:  Don't say, "I'm all..." or, "...and she's like..." when you mean, "I said," or, "...and she said..."

That is NOT how the language works!  That is language abuse.  Should be illegal.


6/25/08 11:15 am - lilyinchains - CHEX

If you're going to bother putting "Checks accepted. Okay to post date to June 1st,2008" on your flyer then don't act put out when people take the offer!!!!!!!

Another unit is having a fundraiser. They are selling tamales. Pay day is the  1st. They decided to allow post-dated checks in the attempt to get more sales. I think I'm short on cash at this this time of month. I'll do the check thing. I go and make my order and the bitch, yes bitch, there is no other word for her, rolls her eyes at me and nastily takes the check from me. 


So big grrrr!!!!!

Mmmm, can't wait for the tamales. They are tres excellent.

6/17/08 08:34 pm - doctordark - An open letter - in which no one is safe

Dear lovely fellow residents of our wee city, most especially Ye Who Jog:

We are truly blessed to live in such a splendid little city, aren't we? Next to the ocean, not too far from Boston, not too far from open fields and forests. From its bustling "downtown" area, to its sprawling suburbs, it is lush with green and flowering trees, it offers many dining, entertainment and shopping options, and it boasts a wonderfully well-maintained infrastructure. The streets are thoroughly plowed in winter, and kept swept clean the rest of the year. And nearly each and every one of those streets - from the outskirts of town, right through the heart of it - have smoothly paved and manicured sidewalks, sometimes on BOTH sides of the street!

But you wouldn't know that, would you, oh jogging aficionado? Because YOU are special! YOU get to jog in the streets! In traffic, no less! Vehicular travelers be damned! Cyclists can just move aside - push them further into traffic! Because YOU are jogging! The rest of the world? They can just go to hell or go around, because you OWN that street!

Only... you don't.

All kidding aside, joggers of our fair burg: with the coming of the fair weather came the departure of my patience for your ass. Which is in my lane. During rush hour. Frequently. There are sidewalks for a damn reason, people. The law says I can't drive on them, so I suggest you familiarize yourself with them.

Additional note to you swell folk who cross in the middle of the block: the downtown area has four crosswalks at every intersection, of which there are quite a few, affording you numerous opportunities to cross a busy street safely. I understand that you may not feel like moving to one, and I applaud your resolve. However, please bear in mind that, while the law requires me to stop if you are in a crosswalk, there is not a damn thing that says I have to stop in the middle of a block to let you "dash" to the other side of the street. While I may choose to, depending on traffic and my schedule, I highly recommend that you don't expect me to. If I do not, you should know that screaming obscenities and flashing hand gestures at me will change nothing, aside from making you look like a bigger moron.

Pedestrians, it all comes down to that quaint nautical concept called the "rule of tonnage". The estimated curb weight of my 2001 Honda Accord is around 2,943 pounds; your weight is significantly less. Unless you are completely suicidal, I cannot imagine how this imbalance could be less than glaringly obvious to you.

I live here, too.

Bicyclists? Get the hell OFF the sidewalks, please? Some of us still use them!

6/12/08 10:00 am - lilyinchains - My Lighting Mr. DeMille...


They added a light bulb in the fixture above me. It totally changes how the light falls on my face, before the light was soft and subtle (for a fluorescent) and now it’s harsh and shadows my under eyes. I looked great before now I look shadowed and even sinister. Don’t they know I need softer light!!!!!



6/5/08 02:51 pm - kissed_by_fate - GRRRRRRRRRRRR

FECKING WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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