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Our First World Woes

Get the Violins Ready!!

First World Complaints: Bitch Away
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Complaining about First World Woes

*Laughing at myself*

I’ve been doing first world complaints for a while now in my personal journal. I do them every so often as a post of their own or tossed in with a bunch of other stuff. Sometimes I would just complain about something then tell myself that is a “First World Complaint” as a way of reminding myself that it isn’t the end of the world and I have so much to be thankful for.

So really, First World Complaints are something you can be snarky with but also something that can give you perspective. kissed_by_fate suggested I make a community for such complaints and I said “Nah, too busy for that” But then I thought about the fact that I don’t have to moderate fun stuff. So here is the comm..

I hope all of you will participate and enjoy what you find here. Your complaint doesn’t have to be funny, though funny is good. And it’s okay to give a back story if you really need to.

So welcome and enjoy.

RULES: Currently this community is not moderated let's keep it that way by

1) No Flaming
2) Having respect for others
3) Marking posts with adult content as such( If we end up having tons, we will go moderated.)
4) Noting NWS on anything inappropriate for work/kids (Let's try to keep the icons WS)

That's it for now, but rules can be added or changed at any time. The Mods and the Maintainers reserve the right to be unfair, unrelenting and all around bitchy. Especially during the end of the month.

By posting,commenting, or looking you are agreeing to everything stated.



PS: You have to be a member to post/comment.