Jess-tachi (blackpearl61205) wrote in fstwrldcomplnts,

i hate stupid people

Dear younger people -

please stop using the word "legit" to express how you like something...really its not even a word...and you are misusing its real form...the word legitimate does not mean "cool" pleas stop using it as hurts my brain...there are plenty of other bad slang words out there that you can abuse...stop abusing useful words

Dear Mervyn's shoppers -

please stop handing me clothes inside out when you leave the fitting room...i can understand that you are too lazy to hang them back up...but please dont just rip them off your body and throw them on my table...i have to do enough work as it is without having to turn your clothes right side out again...this is especially for those of you who leave them inside out and then hang the wrong direction...would you pick out a shirt that was inside out? why hang one inside out to make more work for me? its just not logical...unless you are a please...please please please...turn your clothes right side out so that i dont have to do twice the work for your lazy ass...yes i get paid for it...but there are actually people out there who hang things properly...buttoned up and everything...and then take them back out for me...i dont ask that you do that...i just ask that you get your head out of your ass

the fitting room attendant
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