lily (lilyinchains) wrote in fstwrldcomplnts,

I wish this was a funny one....

Click on the link after you read below it is a news clip but has a commercial before the actual story line but boy does it piss me off!! This is just plain crazy pass it on to anyone who will listen shut these folks down 

On Oct 17, 2008 a young man went to "Journey's" (shoe store)

in Kansas City , MO. He bought a pair of shoes and then saw an identical
pair at a different store for less.  As such, he bought the identical
shoes from the cheaper store and took back the original more pricey pair
to Journey's. Later on that night, as he was reviewing the receipt, he
noticed that the reason for the return was "Dumb N*gger". When he took
the receipt back to the store, they didn't even apologize but did admit
that the "reason" was in the system. Click the video below.
Tags: racism
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